BuilderConnect started 4 years ago with a vision to create a software packgage that handled the entire construction lifecycle of the home building business - from Lot Inventory thru Customer Warranty. This package would be web-based, meaning it would be accessible from anywhere you have an internet connection.

While attending various home building shows, we always would hear the same complaints from the home builders - that there were a number of software packages that would do one or two things, but there were none that integrated the entire construction lifecycle. We, at BuilderConnect, set out to create such a product.

During this process, BuilderConnect has worked exclusively with home builders to turn their vision into reality. In addition, we believe that a product should continually evolve based on the needs of our customers. We have a unique package, in that we allow the builder to enhance and customize our solutions based on their business needs. If we feel an enhancement would potentially benefit all builders, the system is upgraded with no charge to the builder.

Our pricing scheme is also unique, in that we charge one low monthly fee that covers everything. There are no 'modules' to buy separately, no yearly 'upgrade' costs and no additional 'support' costs. Everything is covered in our one monthly charge. We are dedicated to providing a product that is both affordable to the small builder and as functional as those designed for the large production builders. We pride ourselves in our excellent customer service and support.

Like our tag line indicates, we are "With you every step of the way".
BuilderConnect Solutions, LLC
1300 Harvest Ridge Lane
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