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BuilderConnect streamlines the information sharing process of building a home by allowing everyone to become more efficient and productive as well as allowing the homeowner to connect more intimately with the process. The most impressive feature of BuilderConnect is the ability to customize the program to fit our needs as a company.

Rena, Platinum Series by Mark Molthan, Operations
Using the BuilderConnect System has given us a complete and comprehensive plan of action. It provides a sequence of actions, and a time-line of scheduling that is needed in the proper completion of our projects. BuilderConnect is the most thorough method of staying current that I have been associated with.

Don, Dave R. Williams Homes, Construction Manager
BuilderConnect is very impressive yet user friendly. It defines job organization and scheduling to the maximum. BuilderConnect takes the guess work out of the equation and promotes an accurate and realistic platform in job management.

Gary, Dave R. Williams Homes, Construction Manager
BuilderConnect provides the customer tracking and follow-up reminders that most managers are looking for. The management reports can accurately determine the status of each prospect in a logical, easy-to-read history of the contacts on each client.

Helen, Dave R. Williams Homes, Sales